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Must-have summer travel beauty essentials 

Hey there, jet setters, great white north chasers, and wanderlust enthusiasts! It’s summertime and the call for adventure rings loud and clear. Whether you’re jetting off to exotic beaches or exploring nature, there’s one thing we all want: to look stunning, no matter where our travels take us. That’s why I’ve curated the ultimate guide to must-have beauty essentials that will keep you glowing on the go, even in the scorching heat. From that sun-kissed radiance to those enviable beachy waves, get ready to unlock the secrets of staying gorgeous where ever your journey takes you. So, grab your suitcases, darlings, and let’s dive into the five essential beauty products that will make summer travel a breeze and have heads turning wherever you wander!


 Let’s talk about a summer essential that should be on everyone’s beauty radar: sunscreen. It’s an absolute must-have for all you Lovelies. Not only does it shield your skin from the sun’s harmful rays, but it also keeps you looking drop-dead gorgeous. Now, when it comes to choosing the right sunscreen, there are a few things to consider. First and foremost, ensure it’s a mineral SPF to keep those harmful rays at bay. We want nothing but the best protection for our lovely skin. Secondly, opt for a sunscreen that’s water resistant because, let’s face it, a little sweat or a dip in the pool shouldn’t compromise our sun-kissed glow. And finally, remember to reapply that heavenly sunscreen every two hours or whenever necessary to ensure you’re always safeguarded. Remember, protecting your skin is not only chic, but it’s also a sign of self-love and self-care. So slather it on, my lovelies, and let the sun be your ultimate accessory this summer.

Top picks ↳ Face: Tinted Dew Drops SPF 50 Body cream: Lilikoi Mineral Defence Sport Sunscreen SPF 30 + Body spray: Mineral Body Organic Sunscreen Spray SPF 30


It’s the ultimate secret weapon for maintaining fabulous locks on the fly. This little gem works wonders by rejuvenating your tresses between showers, soaking up any pesky excess oil, and even adding a touch of oomph to your mane. It’s like a mini-spa treatment for your hair, all conveniently packed into one versatile product. Trust me, this stuff is a game-changer.

Now, using dry shampoo is a breeze. Just sprinkle a pinch onto your roots, and then get your fingers in there and massage it into your scalp. Let the magic marinate for a few minutes before you give it a good brush-out. So, go ahead and indulge in this hair savior—your mane will thank you.

Top picks ↳ Vanilla Coaca Dry Shampoo + Overnight Dry Shampoo


While the list may be subjective, one item that undeniably secures a top spot is none other than the humble lip balm. A tiny, unassuming savior tucked away in your bag, lip balm becomes your trusted companion as you navigate sandy beaches, exotic locales, and sun-kissed adventures. It’s not merely about its moisturizing properties, though that’s certainly a key attribute. No, lip balm is a multifaceted gem that effortlessly enhances your summer beauty routine. Its sheer versatility transforms dry, chapped lips into a smooth canvas, ready to embrace vibrant lipsticks or a simple, bare-faced radiance. With a swipe of this tiny wonder, it’s as if your pout whispers sweet secrets of indulgent escapades under the sun, leaving you feeling divinely confident.

Top pick↳ Citrus Lip Balm + Rosehip & Lemongrass Lip Balm SPF 15


We all want to stay drop-dead gorgeous on the go. Enter the ice roller, the ultimate companion for the season. This little gem not only helps banish puffiness and redness but also delivers an incredible cooling sensation to rejuvenate your tired, overheated skin. Picture this: you simply glide the ice roller over your face and neck, and voilà! Instant refreshment and a radiant complexion that screams summer goddess. Trust me, an ice roller is an absolute travel essential that you simply can’t leave home without. It’s time to chill out and embrace your inner beauty queen this summer.

Top Pick↳ Hot Mess Ice Roller


You can’t forget one essential in your travel bag: a fabulous facial oil. It’s not just about keeping that gorgeous skin of yours hydrated and shielded from the sun and maintaining that fresh-faced look all day long.

Now, let me spill the tea on what to consider when selecting a facial oil for your summer adventures. Firstly, opt for a lightweight oil that won’t clog those precious pores of yours. We don’t want any unwanted breakouts ruining our beach goddess vibes, do we? So, keep that facial oil within arm’s reach, ready for a quick and glamorous reapplication whenever the mood strikes. After all, summer is all about radiance, and a little facial oil can go a long way in keeping you looking like the shining star you are. Pro tips when it comes to facial oils they are multi-purpose! dry cuticles, facial oil, fly-away hairs, facial oil, dry patches of skin, you guessed it, facial oil. 

Top Picks ↳ Facial Recovery Oil + Granate Oil

And just like that, behold the quintessential essentials for summer adventures: the fabulous five must-haves for your travels. May the sun illuminate your path, your beverages remain refreshingly chilled, and your skin exude sheer magnificence.

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