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Lovelies, gather around and let me regale you with an enchanting tale of glamour and athleticism (athleticism sounds good but is not necessary) colliding in the most fabulous of ways… the Backyard Beauty Olympic Games! Thursday August 31st 6-10pm


Dazzling Divas will engage in the thrilling Pedicure Bowl Relay Race, each team gliding with grace, balancing bowls of swirling water, and fluttering rose petals.

Then it’s on to the Beauty Juice Flip Cup, a contest where agility meets mixology as competitors masterfully flip their bedazzled goblets, deftly catching and sipping on a cocktail of elixirs that promise eternal radiance.
The Backyard Beauty Olympic Games consist of five events, ten teams, and a whole lot of backyard beauty shenanigans.

It's a playful symphony of elegance and athleticism, where style reigns supreme, and the pursuit of beauty becomes a sport like no other.

On the evening of the last full moon of Summer

Thursday august 31st 6-10pm

Being a beauty athlete is the ultimate form of self-expression. Just like a marathon runner pushes their physical limits, she relentlessly pursues the art of beauty with the same enthusiasm. It requires a mindset steeped in the transformative power of sweat and shimmer.

Do you have what it takes to be a beauty athlete? 

So, you’ve got what it what?

Grab three BBFs (Beauty Bitches Forever) and get ready to take on the ultimate challenge of beauty and athleticism. Though the complete list of events remains a tantalizing secret, one thing's for certain: we'll be exhilarated AND sweaty! So, darling, pack an extra set of clothes, and let's dive headfirst into this adventure!

Each team will carry a passport of events, marking our conquests and tallying up points along the way. Heads up, lovelies: the rules are ever-changing, and creativity and teamwork hold the key to victory. Who knows? Maybe you'll even earn bonus points for the audacity of your fashion choices or the sheer fabulousness of your squad. Hint: we have more prizes that those extra points could seal the deal on. It's time to unleash our inner beauty beasts and claim the crown of empowerment and sisterhood. So, grab your besties, buckle up, and let the games begin!

Want to play, but some of your BBFs are a little lame? Don't sweat it; we will build a team for you (all our clients are freaking fabulous). We can guarantee no matter who is on your team; this will be an event like no other.

After The Games

Picture this: our gorgeous athletes, exhausted and famished after conquering the games, are treated to a decadent feast of beauty-inducing delights. A smorgasbord of delectable treats, nourishing to body and soul, will be bestowed upon our lovelies as we tally the points and crown our triumphant victors. And that's not all, my loves! Indulge in mini spa services after enjoying culinary delights. Treat yourself at the mask bar, pamper those weary hands with a soothing massage, or try a touch of cold therapy to caress and revive those fatigued facial muscles. After all, darling, we must ensure our warriors are rested and radiant, ready to conquer the world with their undeniable charm and allure.

Darlings, can you believe it? Summer will be bidding us adieu, and we simply can't let it slip away without a fabulous farewell! An enchanting gathering filled with laughter, indulgence, and the utmost glamour. Join us for an unforgettable soirée, where each ticket, priced at a mere $75, grants you access to a world of beauty games, delectable treats that will tantalize your taste buds, luxurious mini spa services that will leave you feeling utterly pampered, and, of course, a chance to win some marvelous prizes. It's the ultimate celebration to bid summer farewell, my loves, and we can't wait to have you there!






Your ticket includes

How does this sound?

Two hours, five events and a whole lot of backyard shenanigans 

decadent feast of beauty-inducing delights.

Indulge in mini spa services after enjoying culinary delights

Number five is a surprise! We still have a few things up our sleeves but you have to be here to get the scoop

you and your team of glamazons will compete for the gold and $1,000 worth of beauty goodies


Grab three of your BBF's and create your team.  No team no worries we will create a team of dazzling divas for you! 


Purchase your tickets and start your beauty training 


Join us Thursday Aug 31st at 6pm for all the backyard beauty shenanigans.


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