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Body Love

pure sugar body exfoliation | 100  

vi•tal massage | 50 

im•merse massage | 70

nour•ish massage | 60

violet clay body wrap | 175  

A gentle exfoliation sloughs off dead cells and enhances your body’s natural ability to replenish skin cells, leaving skin soft and smooth to the touch.
This is a 60 minute treatment.

A 30 minute scalp massage

A 45 minute relaxation body massage.

A 60 minute relaxation body massage

Take two hours to just relax. Encourages wellbeing through exfoliation and the application of a rich source of essential minerals and trace elements. The wrap has been found to detoxify and re-energize the body and mind. This treatment includes full body lymph drainage with our Bio Rhythm Drainer.
This is a 2HR treatment.



vi•tal pedicure | 57

Pedicure Elevations 

nour•ish pedicure | 67

15 minute massage | 15
toe gel application | 20
eye and lip treatment | 25

Lay back in our pedicure loungers and relax. Enjoy the beautiful view of the Grand River while we soak your feet, exfoliate from the tip of your toes to your knees, scrub away callouses, clean and shape the nails, and trim the cuticles. Polish included.

Evo gel manicure application | 49
Evo provides chip-free, long lasting wear up to 3 weeks

Evo gel manicure fill | 39
Freshen up your gel manicure or change your colour.

Gel manicure with tips | 70
Need a little help in the length department? Whether you need just a little or you want dramatic
length, we can sculpt the perfect look for you. Finish it off with the perfect colour or French tip.

Soak off | 35
Proper removal of gel nails followed by
a vi•tal manicure to protect nails.

This pedicure is handcrafted by us and is constantly changing. Every season we curate a new indulgence.

Includes a seasonal soak, exfoliant, masque and massage cream.


Sit back and relax, enjoy a cup of tea and a snack. We have combined our nourish pedicure with an arm/hand massage and topped it off with our LUCENT VEIL facial mask that will help with skin anti-oxidization, dullness, and immune effects to give you radiant and luminous skin. Especially when we add an LED light therapy treatment to boost its impact.  Come alone or with a freind either way you will leave feeling nourish mind|body|soul
➢A cup of perfectly brewed tea from Lake & Oak, our favorite blend of superfood teas
➢Nourish Pedicure (full pedi + foot mask & extended massage)
➢Person size Charcuterie board (vegan available)
➢Arm & hand massage
➢Lucent Vail sheet mask with LED light therapy treatment
➢Service is two hours long

Single $145.  Double $270

Two hour service

Brows and Lashes

brow tint | 15
lash tint | 22
lash and brow tint | 35


lash lift | 80

With the flick of a magic wand—or, in this case, the skillful touch of our lash artist AKA Tracy—your natural lashes are lifted, curled, and given a mesmerizing depth of color that makes them truly pop. It's as if they're whispering their secrets to the world, with each fluttering movement capturing attention. And the best part? This enchantment lasts not just for a fleeting moment, but a remarkable 6 to 8 weeks. So, darlings, let your lashes be the captivating story that unfolds, for beauty lies in every blink.


chin | 12
upper lip | 12
eyebrow | 14
full face | 30
bikini | 30
brazilian | 50
half leg | 30
full leg | 60


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