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Brazilian 101

When I first started working as an esthetician 22 years ago, Brazilian waxes were the domain of exotic dancers. But they’ve since gone mainstream. Everyone from your little sister to your 60-year-old neighbor (no joke) gets one.

But what is a Brazilian wax? A Brazilian includes the traditional bikini area, hair along the labia, and in your behind. You can opt to leave a triangle or landing strip of hair on top. Or, you can go entirely bare. I recommend communicating what you would like before your esthetician starts.

Why get one? The number one reason women get Brazilians, in my experience, is that they HATE shaving! We pull the hair out at the root instead of breaking it off at skin level when we wax. When you wax, it lasts longer, and you have less chance of irritation or ingrown hairs. And as a bonus, no surprise stray hairs poking out of your bathing suit.

Here are ten things every esthetician wants you to know


➡NEVER try this at home. There is a big difference between waxing your legs or pits to a Brazilian wax. Starting with the fact you are at the wrong angle and will most likely end up with bruising, some missing skin, and your butt stuck together (visualize that). These are all confessions I have gotten over the years.

➡TRIM!. If it is your first time or you have been doing the winter grow-out, please trim. Your hair needs to be a 1/4 for us to wax. When hair is too long, your experience will be more painful, and nobody wants that. We recommend the Francesca trimmer and its pre-wax guard to get the perfect waxing length.

DON’T come when you have your period. With tampons and period cups, getting waxed on your period can be done….at a price, and I don’t mean money. We recommend coming a week after your period as you are more susceptible to pain while you are PMSing or on your period. With increased blood flow, you are more likely to bruise during your period.

➡SEX. I have two rules when it comes to sex and Brazilians. 1. Don’t come after you have had sex…it is the fastest way to get on the never book again list (it’s an actual list), and just eww. 2. Don’t have sex for 24-48 hours after, as it can create irritation from the friction.

➡FRESHEN up. Please take a moment to freshen up in the bathroom or with wipes. That doesn’t mean you have to shower directly beforehand, but be courteous and take a few seconds to freshen up.

➡IT’S NOT weird. We promise. We will be able to look you in the eye after, even if we know you. Whatever it is you’re embarrassed about, we’ve seen it before. It’s damn near impossible to shock us when it comes to body stuff.

➡IT DOES hurt. Hell yes! We are ripping hundreds of hairs out from the root with a simple flick of a wrist. But it’s quick and doesn’t last that long. The more you wax, the less it will hurt. Before you come, you can take pain meds; make sure you take them 30-45 before waxing.

➡HOW long does it last. 3 to 6 weeks, depending on the person. The length of time between treatments will increase with regular waxing—continued regular waxing results in sparse hair re-growth over time.

➡ASK questions. Really ask us; we know stuff. And probably more than think. Nothing is off-limits.

➡AFTER care. We strongly suggest an aftercare routine. Dry brushing, scrubs, and treatment oils are game-changers. They treat ingrown hairs, dark spots and leave everything smooth. 

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