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The difference between Dry+Dehyrated skin.

Do you know the difference between dry & dehydrated skin? Most people use these words interchangeably, but they are two different skin conditions. 

Dehydrated skin lacks water, and dry skin lacks lipids (oil). 

Dehydrated skin is a temporary condition that can be fixed by topical skincare and lifestyle changes that can help the skin stay hydrated, including a better diet and a more humid environment. On the other hand, dry skin is permanent, although it can be improved with skincare products and treatments.

Here is a quick way to tell if your skin is dehydrated; it’s called the Pinch Test. Next time someone is annoying, you just pinch and tell them you are checking for dehydration

  1. Pinch a small amount of skin on your cheek, abdomen, chest, or the back of your hand and hold for a few seconds.
  2. If your skin snaps back, you’re likely not dehydrated.
  3. If it takes a few moments to bounce back, you’re likely dehydrated.

Symptoms of dehydrated skin include :  

  • darker under-eye circles, or tired eye appearance
  • itchiness
  • skin dullness
  • more sensitive, fine lines and wrinkles

These symptoms all point to the fact that your skin is deficient in water and causing dehydration. You might notice after a night of cocktails, your skin looks a little off (you know what I mean) that is from the dehydrating effects of alcohol. So basically, when we are dehydrated, we look hungover; if that doesn’t make you drink your water, I don’t know what will. And when we leave our dehydrated skin untreated, it creates more oil to make up for the missing water. This can cause breakouts, irritation, and dry patches. In fact, skin can even feel oily and dry at the same time. So now we look like a hungover oily mess. 

Our top three pics for dehydrated skin:

Topical: Stone Crop Hydrating Mist

Topical: Coconut Age Corrective Moisturizer. 

Internal: Water & water-dense foods (veggies/fruits)

Dry skin is inherited through your genetics—dry skin is predisposed to poor production of oils in the skin. In addition, dry skin can be connected to hormonal imbalances or an underactive thyroid. This can hinder your skin’s sebum production, contributing to a complexion that is lackluster. While you can’t change your dry (genetic are for life) skin, you can boost its appearance by adding oil-infused products to your skincare routine. 

Symptoms of Dry skin:

  • scaly appearance
  • white flakes
  • redness or irritation
  • increased incidence of psoriasis, eczema, or dermatitis

Our top three pics for dry:

Topical: Facial Recovery Oil

Topical: Linden & Calendula Treatment

Internal: Renew + Protect skincare vitamins (essential fatty acids)

The moral of the story is to make sure you hydrate your skin inside and out. We want to avoid looking like the oily hungover mess or a scaly red mess, or worst of all, that father time singled us out for a few extra sessions. 

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