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Get your glow by adding turmeric to your skincare routine

Have you jumped on the turmeric bandwagon yet? It has long been toted as a cure for just about anything. Digestions issues? Turmeric. Hangover? Turmeric. Dull Congested skin? Turmeric. This ancient ingredient is anti-everything! It is anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, and full of antioxidants making it a powerhouse in the skincare game. What is Turmeric? Turmeric powder is from the root of Curcuma zedoaria, a form of ginger native to Southeast Asia. Curcumin is the active ingredient that gives it that bright sunny yellow-orange colour & is why it is such a potent anti-inflammatory. Curcumin has shown improvements with the following health concerns. 👇 

  • reduces inflammation
  • promotes brain health
  • helps prevent certain types of cancer
  • improves the blood sugar response of people diagnosed with diabetes
  • lowers blood pressure
  • eases arthritis symptoms

 Amazing right!?! But be aware turmeric isn’t absorbed well by the gut. To intake all the good stuff, take turmeric with black pepper & dietary fat; that way, your stomach will absorb it. Now that we know how turmeric can rock our insides, let’s talk about its kick-ass skin benefits. 👇 

  • Anti-inflammatory
  • helps to treat acne
  • supports skin health
  • Brightens under eye
  • Signs of Aging

 For skin, curcumin inhibits a protein and enzyme needed to create melanin, a skin pigment, and this process helps prevent dark spots/hyperpigmentation. This natural antioxidant has antibacterial properties. It helps decrease UV damage and neutralizes free-radical damage that can lead to premature aging. It aids in stimulating new cell growth to reveal that oh so coveted youthful-looking skin. Have you got dark eye circles? Turmeric visibly brightens under the eyes and reduces any puffiness when applied to the skin. Turmeric will revive your skin by bringing out its natural glow and work wonders internally too.  

TIP:I love a good DIY at-home treatment, but turmeric might be one you want to skip as it can leave yellow staining on the skin when not appropriately mixed.

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