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Confessions of a skincare junkie

Clean beauty 

Well, lovelies, as the leaves turn their vibrant shades of crimson and gold here in the quaint corners of rural Ontario, I couldn’t help but ponder the notion of “peel season” making its way into our skincare conversations. You see, fall brings with it shorter days, a gentle retreat of the sun’s embrace, and a […]

If you have been following me over the last year, you know I have gone down the rabbit hole of supplements. I am always looking for a way to optimize my skin health; supplements were my new frontier. I have built a healthy+strong skincare routine and eat foods that nourish my skin, but I want […]

My word for this year is wellness. Now, wellness & health have always been a big part of my life, and I love nothing more than reading/listening/watching anything health related. But just because I have learned about it doesn’t necessarily mean I have tried it or put it into practice. So this is the year […]

Do chemical peels bring visions of Samatha from Sex & The City? I know that is my first thought…. and for a good reason, those reactions can happen. Before we let our fears get the better of us, let’s learn more about chemical peels. What is a chemical peel?  A chemical peel is a cosmetic […]