We are Moving!

Enrapt Boutiqu & Spa






We have been keeping a BIG secret, and I wanted you to be the first to know. After many months of reevaluating my business and how I want to move forward, I realized I wanted to move backward. Wait..what? What company wants to move backward? Stay with me for a bit of a story.

When I was a child Tracy (my mom) had a spa called Rochelle's Place (my real name) on our property in Harley. Little history notes our property has been a train station, post office, and store! Our home has been serving the public somehow over the last 100 years. Enrapt Boutique & Spa has decided to be the next business to make its mark on the beautiful country property!

Yup, we are MOVING! As much as the last year has been chaotic, it was also quite magical. Yes, I said magical; if last year didn't happen, I wouldn't have taken a hard look at what I wanted my business to be. It like I have been running on autopilot for 20 years. By that, I mean I kept doing it the same way because I have always done it that way. BORING!

Through your engagement over the last year, I have taken your feedback from my countless surveys (thank you for filling them out!) and decided to take a whole different direction with Enrapt but keeping all the things you love (I promise).

 I have been keeping a huge secret, and I am ready to share it!

☀To create a quiet, calming place for our clients to immerse themselves in what it means to reconnect with them self—creating an experience like no other while providing luxurious spa services based in nature.

☀ We are expanding our at-home service menu. One of the most significant gaps I have seen in the market since Covid is quality at-home spa services. We want you to take care of yourself no matter what state the world is in with healthy, organic & professional skincare products.

☀Our new property will allow us to host intimate events (when allowed). We will be launching our Experience Menu Mid-May. HINT: We are working with some great local businesses to create these experiences!

☀Clean Beauty Addict Academy with be launching in June! We are expanding into digital courses to teach you about everything clean beauty. As we get closer to the launch date, we will be sending out more information.

Our New version of

I am so freaking excited to show our new space; It's like nothing we have EVER done before! But I am not showing you just yet...

I know this is a lot to take in, as we have been in Paris for twenty years. It is hard to believe it has been that long, but I am ready for a shake-up and to be able to offer you a whole new experience. I am sure you have a million questions, If I don't answer them in this email, please send them to me, and I will answer your questions.

➡We are looking to open by Mid-May. As long as covid restrictions have been lifted

➡Products? We will be carrying all the same lines. Local pick-up will be available at our Paris location until May 1st. We will be providing pick-up locations in Paris & Brantford for those who don't want to make the drive as a permanent option (we got you covered). Please remember we do ship and do local delivery.

➡Monthly Memberships: We have stopped all payments. We will only resume them if you choose to.

➡Facial Memberships: Once we are allowed to resume facials, we will be contacting all of you to book. If you do not want to make the beautiful scenic drive out here, we can change your facials into gift cards of the value remaining in your package.

➡Gift Cards: Your gift cards never expire and can be used in spa or online. They can be used towards any of our products or at-home services.

➡Have questions about products? We can set up phone calls or zoom calls to better serve you.

I have covered the main questions, but please contact me HERE