Processed food, one time use plastic, unnecessary packaging, women bending to what society thinks they should look like. 


Organic skincare, organic food, healthy beauty products. Cooking, DIY decor, home renos, wine, craft beer, food trucks.
 My feet in the ocean, being in nature, protecting the environment. Yoga, mediation, and my absolute love high heels


"Life is about the people you meet and the things you create with them. Go out there and create a beautiful day."

I am Rikki and I have immersed myself in the beauty industry for the better part of twenty years.  We do beauty a little differently around here, we believe beauty is more than just what you see.   Beauty is a whole body experience.  MIND, BODY & SOUL.  In an industry that makes millions telling women how to look beautiful, I am utterly and completely about helping women feel beautiful from the inside out. Our holistic approach can be felt in everything we do.  I have ONE rule at the spa, "no negative self talk in my space.". My goal is always to leave you better than I found you (inside and out!)


Each product you will find in my boutique I have at home and I have tested extensively before it ever entered my shop. I have strong belief in organic, ethical companies and am always looking to support businesses that embody my beliefs.