I am Rikki and I am going to be guiding you through your DETOX facial today. You have undoubtedly heard of a detox facial before right!?! But do you know what it actually does to your face? I am here to explain the various benefits that you can look forward to.

Alleviates Overproduction of Sebum – Your skin produces sebum to keep itself hydrated but when it goes into overdrive, it can result in blocked pores, or blackheads as they are more commonly known.

Removes Toxins and Excess Oil – Oily skin is a problem for many women today and can be caused by a number of factors, including pollution, cosmetics, and stress. The excess oil and toxins in your skin will be removed during this treatment, leaving your face looking and feeling healthier than ever before.

Oxygenates Your Skin – Oxygen promotes healing and the production of collagen, making it an important ingredient for healthy skin. your face will be oxygenated through the application of a stimulating masque made with natural ingredients that are designed to raise your body heat and improve the flow of blood to the cells near the surface of your skin.

Repairs Damage from a Poor Diet – Eating the wrong foods and drinking more alcohol than is good for you may be something that you only do on occasion but when you do, it can take its toll on your face. If you have strayed from a healthy diet recently this facial can help to remove the impurities in your skin that have accumulated as a result. In conjunction with a return to a healthier way of eating, this detoxification of your skin will ensure that you look and feel great once again.




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