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Confessions of a skincare junkie

Clean beauty 

In a world where the quest for the fountain of youth often leads us down a rabbit hole of skincare trends (and an alarming amount of serums), buccal massage emerges as the unassuming hero of facial treatments. Imagine, if you will, a massage that dives deeper than your typical skin-deep pampering, targeting the inner sanctum […]

Darlings, as we wave goodbye to the chills of winter and eagerly await the warm embrace of spring, it’s time to discuss the essential “spring cleaning” for our bodies and souls. And no, I’m not just talking about dusting off those quaint little shelves or finally sorting through that daunting pile of who-knows-what in the […]

Imagine this: a world where your skin gets to sip on a cocktail of the finest ingredients, all while you’re lounging in your comfiest pajamas, binge-watching your favorite show. Too good to be true? Not in the realm of skincare masks, darling. Welcome to my little corner of the beauty universe, where we dive deep […]

In the heart of a vibrant lifestyle, among the buzz of trendsetters and the glow of elegant gatherings, there’s a secret more profound than the fleeting fashions of the season—the enigma of the skin barrier. It’s akin to a hidden gem: resilient, protective, and absolutely essential. So, shall we embark on an exploration of skincare’s […]

In the radiant realm of skincare, where ancient wisdom dances gracefully with the rhythm of modern science, there emerges a beacon of hope for those in pursuit of the elusive perfect glow. This beacon, my dear readers, shines brightly under the name of bakuchiol. It’s a name that echoes through the halls of beauty forums, […]

Well, darlings, buckle up because it’s that time of the year again at our cozy country spa – half-price facial month! Now, every year, I witness a common dilemma among you lovely ladies. You’re slathering on every product under the sun, thinking it’s the key to radiant skin, only to wonder why your skin is […]

The holiday season is upon us, and while it’s the most wonderful time of the year, it can also be the most stressful – from dealing with family dynamics that rival a soap opera to the overindulgence in festive libations. As an esthetician with a passion for pampering, I can’t help but wonder: how does […]

Let’s talk beauty on a budget because, let’s face it, in this era of escalating prices, we’re all clutching our purses a little tighter. Now, maintaining fabulous skin is non-negotiable, so how can we make those beauty dollars go the extra mile? The key, my dears, lies in the magic of double-duty products. Think of […]

Hello, my fabulous readers! Today, we’re going to dive into a topic near and dear to every woman’s heart – skincare. As your resident skincare guru, I couldn’t help but think about how essential protein is in our quest for glowing, flawless skin. So, grab your favourite latte and let’s chat about the importance of […]

Well, darlings, gather ’round because today, we’re going to dive into a little skincare secret that I’ve fallen head over heels for. Picture this: you, donned in your most fabulous robes, cradling a cup of soothing herbal tea, and channeling your inner Esthetician. Can you feel the luxury already? It’s easy to assume that skincare is […]