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I don’t mean literally. I’m not encouraging you to eat sunscreen right out of the tube. But did you know that certain foods can help protect you from UV damage? Many foods contain a natural SPF that can up your resistance to the sun from the inside out. A significant factor in natural sun protection […]

I have seen a flurry of at-home facial razors in the beauty section promising dermaplaning results without the spa visit. But is it really the same? Simply put, no. Do some of the results cross yes-ish? Let’s break down the differences. The at-home version ↓🏠 If you want to get rid of your peach fuzz […]

Ever scroll Instagram/Tiktok and wonder how everyone else has a perfect morning routine but you? They are up at 5 am and have worked out, meditated, journaled, and completed their 12-step skincare routine, all before you roll out of bed. Just because someone else’s routine “seems” perfect doesn’t mean it is practical. A practical morning […]

If you have been following me over the last year, you know I have gone down the rabbit hole of supplements. I am always looking for a way to optimize my skin health; supplements were my new frontier. I have built a healthy+strong skincare routine and eat foods that nourish my skin, but I want […]

Isn’t dermaplaning just shaving your face? It is essentially shaving the fuzz (known as vellus hair) off the face, but it’s so much more!!  Dermaplaning uses a smaller blade to slough off dead skin cells. Hello, exfoliation! It sounds intense, but it’s painless, quick, and effective at removing dead skin cells and peach fuzz. It’s […]

A skin tool you probably already own and didn’t even know it. Why a humidifier is your skin’s new best friend, Y’all know I love skincare that you don’t have to think about, like sleep masking. Now you can add sleep hydrating. The juicy, dewy, plumpness we all strive for can be achieved by sleeping […]

My word for this year is wellness. Now, wellness & health have always been a big part of my life, and I love nothing more than reading/listening/watching anything health related. But just because I have learned about it doesn’t necessarily mean I have tried it or put it into practice. So this is the year […]

How do you feel about the holidaze season? Yes, I call it holidaze because I used to feel like I was in a daze from Nov to Jan. Between work, parties, dinners, and shopping for the perfect gift, I would wear myself out and wind up with a bladder infection and TMI, maybe. Did you […]

Forty-three trips around the sun + growing. Today marks my 43rd trip around the sun, which means I am one year older, right? But what if I said I had grown another year? We emphasize aging, but what if we flipped the script and changed aging to growing? We never tell a child, “you’re getting […]

We all have a favourite face cream or treatment, but there’s no denying that beautiful skin starts from within. Everything we put in our mouths becomes a part of our inner being and the outer fabric of our body. The healthier the foods you consume, the better your skin will look. Plain & simple.  Old […]